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KETRON GP 50 Classic

Prezzo a richiesta

Keyboard 88 keys weighted hammer action keyboard Pedal Sustain (soft, sostenuto, sustain pedal optional) Polyphony 64 notes Voices 36 presets & variations: grand piano, rock piano, upright, honky Tonk, el. Piano 1/2, dx piano 1/2, string ensemble, violin, viola, pipe organ (principale, octave, ripieno, positive), gospel organ 1/2, theatre organ 1/2, pads 1/2, choir 1/2, jazz organ 1/2, harpsichord, clavinet, classic guitar, harps, flute, oboe, vibes, marimba. Bass Acoustic bass, finger, picked, subbass, burdon, plenum. Octave, sustain short, medium, long. Programs 18 voices programs, editable parameters: split, volume, shift, Tune, pitch/transposer, pan, sustain, value control. Midi In, out ,thru. Dynamic 3 curves: soft, medium, hard. Effects Reverb (hall, theatre), chorus. Tune +/- 64 cents. Transpose +/- 12 half tones. Sequencer 2 tracks, 10.000 notes, real time recording. Record, start, tempo control, metronome. Demo 8 songs. Controls Brilliance. Bass, second voice and master levels. Amplification 2 x 25 w rms. Outputs Left/mono, right. Inputs Left, right. Headphone 2 stereo. Finish Slab type piano. Cherry gold pvc. Dimensions Lxwxh (130x39x14 cms) (51,2x15,3x5,5 inches). Weight Kg. 25 approx (55 lbs).

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