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Keyboard 76 semi-weighed keys, 8 dynamic curves, Pitch & Modulation Joystick, Aftertouch, Portamento,17 Volume slider controls (1 assignable), 10 display User Tab. Operating system updatable via USB port. Display 320 x 240 pixel TFT colour graphic display. Hard Disk 80 GB ATA 2,5. USB: 2 USB Host + 1 USB device. Mass storage devices supported: USB sticks, USB floppy disks, MP3 players, CD-ROM and DVD ROM, HD. Sound Generation 430 New Presets with Stereo and multi-layer Voices, 512 GM2 sounds, 32 parts Multitimbral, Voice Character Emulation (VCE), Left Voices, 2nd Voice. Programs 320 Programs, 3 Voices layered, 3 Splits Funzioni Aftertouch, Sustain, Portamento, Velocity Switch, Duet, Trio, Morphing, Steel, Slide, Harmony Editing ADSR, Cut Off, Resonance, Effects, 2nd Voice Total Polyphony 197 notes. Voice List Up to 300 custom sound locations + 20 User Voice List (UVL) linkable with Style, Midi file, Mp3 and Wave. Organ Drawbars 9 Digital Drawbars, Rotor, Click, Percussion, Overdrive. Ram/Ins 64 MB RAM (Expandable up to 256 MB). Ins Orchestral Voices, Supersolo. Assignable Switch Tabs 1-16 Factory /User programmable Features, 5 Modes. Sampler 44,1KHz, Multi sampler editor ( MSP). Professional Multiplayer 2 x Wav, 2 x Mp3, 2 x Midi, Real time stretching and Audio transposition, DjLoop, Sfx, Demos, Play list, Autoplay, Key Tunes, HD Recording 2 tracks, Pfl, MP3 Encoder, Audio Ripper, Macro Recording. Midifile Player SMF player Mid / KAR and TXT file, Jukebox, Song Chain, Audio Drum and Live Guitar, Remix, Midi Song Record, Wave Sync, Medley, MidiMix. Registrations Global panel settings, Single and Block Mode. Drum 1 51 Drum sets, 3 Super Kit, 24 User Drum sets, 10 Percussion sections, Drum mixer, Manual Drums. Drum 2 (Groove) : 62 Live Drums Loops. Real Audio Arranger 570 styles, User Audio Drum, over 370 Real Audio Drums Sequences, Acoustic and Electric Live Guitar, User Live Guitar, Arranger ABCD, 3 Intro/ending, 4 Fill ins, 4 Breaks, Bassist and Pianist, Audio Style Modeling. Bank Libraries Drum, Groove, Bass, Piano, Guitar1/2, Arp&Lick, Live Guitar Pattern Recording & Editing Quantize, Loop, Recording, Editing style Module Control Octave /Double, Harmony, Transposer, Arabic Scale. Accordion International and Belgian systems. Dsp Effects 3 multi-effect DSPs, Reverb, Chorus, Flanger, Delay, Phaser, Tremolo, Tap Delay 4/8, Wha-Wha, Distortion, Overdrive, Slow/Fast Rotor, Parametric 4-band Equalizer. Microphone 1&2 2 Microphone inputs Gain control,10-band Equalizer, Echo, Reverb, Pan, Pitch Shift, Talk, Voice Transform. Voicetron 5 Voices Harmonizer, Vocoder mode, Autoharmony, MIDI Vocalizer track, Advanced editing. Midi In 1, In2 , Out, Thru. 32 Midi Channels. GM2 standard. Outputs Left/Mono, Right, 4 individual assignable outputs (2 stereo or 4 mono), Digital SPdif In / Out. Stereo headphone. Inputs: 2 XLR microphone inputs, 2 line in inputs (stereo), Sustain and Pedal Volume, Footswitch (6 or 13 switches). Video Interface: Systems PAL, NTSC, Super VHS, VGA monitor Resolution: 640 x 480. Accessories User manual, Music rest, Power Cord. Optionals Hard Case, Sustain Pedal, Volume Pedal, Footswitch FS6/FS13, Midi Pedalboard, Ram kit up to 256 MB. Dimensions: L x W x H = ( 114 x 43 x 15 cms. ) ( 45 x 17 x 6 ). Weight: 18,5 Kg. ( 38 lbs ) Power: Automatic Voltage detection - 110V/60Hz 240V/50Hz .

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