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DETTAGLI Testa Mobile Beam Lampada PHILIPS 7R La MHL-230 una testa mobile beam con angolo di emissione a 4. E' in grado di emettere un fascio luminoso di 59760K a 20m con flusso di 7950 lumens e temeperatura colore di 8000K. E' dotata di messa a fuoco elettronica lineare 0 - 3.8 che determina un potente fascio di luce ben concentrato. Ideale per gli impianti medio-grandi o per applicazioni live. Monta una ruota-colori con 14 colori + bianco ed una ruota gobo fissa con 17 gobo + bianco con effetto rotazione. Il controllo DMX512 a 16 canali. Color system: One color wheel with fourteen kinds of different color diachronic filters plus whiteOne gobo wheel with seventeen rotating metal gobos and one glass gobo. High speed rotating 8-facet prism Combined shutter/dimmer unit allowing very smooth dimming and strobe effect 1-10 flash/second The lighting of the stock size Addressing, special functions setting, effects calibration via control panel with 4-digit LED display Readout fixture and lamp usage, receiving DMX values, temperature, etc Macro-function for rotating gobo/rotating prism combinations Black out while the light head moving or gobo color changing Remote reset function Intelligent control panel with 4-digit LED display Silent fans cooling 16/20 DMX channels Pan movement rang 530, Tilt movement rang 280 High luminous-efficiency parabolic mirror and double condenser system Mechanical multi-step focus Focus is controllable through the mechanization of DMX Preprogrammed changeable or stochastic grating pulse effect All lenses are anti-reflection coated 9 high quality stepper-motors for smooth movement Self-resettable thermal-fuse For Osram 7R 230W lamp

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