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- Broadband operation in the whole radio-frequency range - Country frequencies selection - More than 20 transmitters simultaneously - High interference rejection - Digital quality audio - Extremely low-latency - Encrypted audio - Innovative broadband hourglass-shaped antenna - Fully programmable and upgradable via software Entire radio-frequency range in a single system MOVING D is the first microphone wireless system in the world with 400 MHz continuous working range without band switch it can use the entire radio-frequency range (470-870 MHz), where permitted from country regulation MOVING D is ready for each country without the need of creating systems for local frequency bands Both Rx and Tx operate in the whole band Normally, transmitters of competitor’s systems in the same price range operate only on portions of the whole radio-frequency range. With MOVING D you don’t need to change transmitter whenever interference is experienced or regulations change Country frequencies selection Due to the fact that each country has different regulations regarding the use of radio frequencies, MOVING-D is able to discriminate between those permitted in the selected country of use You only need to choose the country by using the onboard OLED display or via USB through the dedicated software for Windows™ Each country contains a batch of frequencies, specifically calculated by the internal engine, without intermodulation interference

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